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Dosing and understanding ratios and strength

For animals with chronic joint disease, pain and stiffness will recur if the product is discontinued, so they should not stop taking it. If treatment is stopped for more than a few days, when it is resumed, it should be at the initial dose (double the maintenance dose) for a few weeks. Unlike NSAIDs and some herbal remedies the Dr. Maggie Joint Formula is safe and recommended for prolonged use


What kind of alcohol do you use in your tinctures?

We use pure grain alcohol in the making of our tinctures.


Why do your products contain alcohol?

There are so many reasons why we prefer alcohol extracts to other liquid mediums. Alcohol extracts the medicinal qualities of the herbs better then other liquids, resulting in more potent medicine. Being alcohol-based also makes our tinctures extremely fast-acting. The medicinal properties of the plants are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, so absorption starts the moment you taste it. Alcohol is also a natural preservative. This means our tinctures have no artificial preservatives and have a long shelf of 6-10 years!


Do I have to keep my product in the fridge?

All of our products are shelf-stable after opening. Our tinctures contain 50% alcohol which acts as a natural preservative and allows for a long shelf life of 6-10 years. Each product has will an expiry on the bottle specific to that product and when it was made. Our ointments and topicals have a shelf life of three years when properly stored at room temperature. Ointments can become unstable if exposed to high temperatures. Keep the product clean by using a clean swab or finger for each application (no double-dipping!).


I see sediment in my tincture, is this normal?

Master Formulae products are all-natural and may contain some herbal sediment or cloudyness. Sediment is completely normal and does not affect the efficacy of the product! Give the bottle a good shake and continue to use as recommended.


Why do Master Formulae products sometimes vary in colour from one bottle to the next?

Master Formulae products may vary in colour from batch to batch. The cause of the colour variation is due to the herb used in the product. The herb’s natural colour may vary due to factors such as the time of year it was harvested, the geographical region where it was grown, and/or the life stage the herb. The difference in colour does not negatively impact the efficacy of the product as the correct amount of medicinal ingredients is always used in the manufacturing process.


Can I continue to use Master Formulae products on a long term basis?

Many of our Master Formulae products can be used on an ongoing basis but it really depends on the individual botanicals. Be sure to check the bottle for dosing and any duration of use warnings. Products meant for short term use only will indicate their duration of use limits on the label. Many herbs however take time to accumulate in the body and you’ll begin to see better results with time.


Are your products safe for children and pets?

Herbal medicine is very safe for both children and pets. We do not advise you to treat yourself, your children or pets without consulting a herbal or health care practitioner first. Children and pets are more sensitive to many herbs and will require adjusted dosing. Some herbs are not suitable or safe for pregnant women, pets and children.

Because the organ systems of animals work slightly differently than human systems, our sister companies NaturPet and Dr. Maggie have pet-approved herbal and natural medicines specifically made for them.


How are your products made?

The Source

We select herbs that are harvested at the proper stage of growth to arrive fresh and vital. Some herb parts, such as flowers, leaves and buds must be processed in a fresh form to retain their full medicinal characteristics. Other herb parts, such as roots, barks, seeds and gums, are brought in dry in order to fully impart their medicinal properties. Our quality control department carefully inspects every shipment of herbs upon arrival. In some cases thin layer chromatography is used to ensure authenticity and quality of the herbs.


Many of our herbs are ground in a hammer mill. In order to protect the active constituents of the herbs, great care is taken to control the temperature at which the herbs are exposed in the hammer mill to ensure we retain the full nutritional and medicinal properties of the herbs.


The original founders of Master Formulae worked closely with Dr. Christopher, Naturopathic doctor and Master Herbalist, 40 years ago. Since then we’ve continued to work closely with Master Herbalists to perfect each formulation and keep them current with the latest research and processes in our laboratory. Many of our products were produced as a result of requests directly from health care professionals. We are committed to continuing to innovate and offer the highest quality and up to date products to our customers.


I don’t like the taste of tinctures, what is the best way to take it?

If you can stand the taste, the best way to take a tincture is to let it sit under your tongue for as long as you can stand (5 seconds-60 seconds) to allow the medicinal properties to start the absorption process. This will help the product to work faster and more of the medicinal properties of the product will be absorbed, making it more effective. If the taste is a concern for you we recommend diluting it with water or juice and swishing it back as fast as you can!


Why would I take a tincture over a capsule since it doesn’t taste as bad?

Tinctures have many benefits that capsules don’t have. Tinctures are highly bioavailable to the body and offer a more potent concentration of medicinal properties than dried herbs or capsules. Our tinctures are alcohol-based, making them extremely fast-acting. The medicinal properties of the plants are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, so absorption starts the moment you taste it. Alcohol is also a natural preservative. This means our tinctures have no artificial preservatives and have a long shelf of 6-10 years! Tinctures also make it easy to adjust your dosage to suit your individual needs.


I am a health store owner or website owner. How can I go about carrying the Master Formulae line?

Yes, we are always interested in working with new distributors. Please fill out our web form and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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