Master Formulae has been around for over 40 years. We come from humble roots. The original formulae in our line were created and passed on from Master Herbalist and Naturopathic doctor Dr. Christopher 40 + years ago and many of the herbs were wildcrafted locally in Kelowna British Columbia, Canada.

Today all our products are manufactured right here in Kelowna BC, Canada. Our modern facility has a strong research and laboratory focus, making sure that all products are of the utmost quality and backed by rigorous science and innovation. Since then we’ve updated our formulae to reflect current research and modern advancements to pair the best of traditional herbal knowledge and modern science and innovation.

Right from the source


Each of our botanicals is harvested at the optimal stage of growth to deliver the plants at peak nutritional capacity. We source locally when possible. Some herb parts, such as flowers, leaves and buds must be processed in a fresh form to retain their full medicinal characteristics. Other herb parts, such as roots, barks, seeds and gums, are brought in dry in order to fully impart their medicinal properties.

Quality Ingredients


Our formulae are backed by experts in herbal medicine at our facilities. Our rigorous quality control department carefully inspects every delivery of herbs to ensure every batch is pure and free of any nasty chemicals, extracts, pesticides, heavy metals, synthetics, mould or fillers. Our products are always made from the whole herb, never from extracts or synthetics to deliver all active ingredients in the plant working together, the way nature intended.

The term whole herb represents botanicals that have not been chemically altered such as synthetic plant derivatives and extracts. ‘Whole herbs’ includes forms such as using a dried roots, fresh flowers or herb tops and does not mean using the whole herb including roots, shoots, leaves and flowers. Only rarely would every part of a plant be used in a formula.

Our Passion



We’re passionate about plants! We believe that nature holds the power to heal in a holistic way. Our focus is on liquid-based botanical medicines that deliver the plants healing properties to the body in a highly bioavailable form. Our liquid-based botanical remedies contain the plant’s original harmony of phytochemicals and nutrients. This allows for safe and efficacious healing with less potential for side effects compared to most drugs, isolated compounds and refined supplements.


We believe in empowering people to fully live healthy and happy lives. It is our belief that health is a fundamental right to all humans, animals and plants on this earth. We want to be a part of your health journey, and are dedicated to providing you with high-quality plant-based medicines (and education) to keep you and your family thriving!


We care about our environment. We’ve eliminated all plastic in our packaging everywhere currently possible. Our boxes are recyclable and our jars and bottles are made to be reusable or recyclable glass. Our products come from nature and so are completely biodegradable when you ingest them and when they leave your system and enter the water cycle!

The taste you hate, the benefits you love

We know tinctures don’t taste great. But there are many reasons to choose tinctures over capsules and other forms of herbs

More Bioavailable


Tinctures are highly bioavailable to the body and offer a more potent concentration of medicinal properties than dried herbs or capsules.

Fast Acting


Our tinctures are alcohol-based, making them extremely fast-acting. The medicinal properties of the plants are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, so absorption starts the moment you taste it.

Long Shelf Life


Alcohol is a natural preservative. This means our tinctures have no artificial preservatives and have a long shelf up, up to 5 years!

Easy Dosing


Every individual is different and tinctures are easy to adjust your dose to suit your unique needs.

Our Formulas Are

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